The Open Source/ Systems Mainframe Solution


The Valverde Videos are all HD video (864 wide, 480 high) , so that the
slides are easy to read. There are two video formats, Windows video (.wmv)
for Internet Explorer users and Adobe Flash video (.flv) for all other platforms
and browsers. Wmv files are a little sharper and faster, because their rendering is
two-pass, and that's why they are provided. At the bottom of the page is a table to
allow you to directly access any file and download it, if you desire to view it with a
high-def handheld or offline. There are ten hours of video, about four and a half, or five GB
altogether, for each kind. The presentations are organized into four major sections:

The Fundamentals of Transaction Systems Part 1:
Causality banishes Acausality
in Clustered Database

Video: Windows | Flash First Hour:

Video: Windows | Flash Second Hour:

Video: Windows | Flash Third Hour:

The Fundamentals of Transaction Systems Part 2:
Certainty suppresses Uncertainty
in Groups of Clusters

Video: Windows | Flash Fourth Hour:

Video: Windows | Flash Fifth Hour:

The Fundamentals of Transaction Systems Part 3:
Relativity shatters the Classical Delusion
in Replicated Database

Video: Windows | Flash  Sixth Hour:

Video: Windows | Flash Seventh Hour:

Video: Windows | Flash Eighth Hour:

Video: Windows | Flash Ninth Hour:

The Fundamentals of Transaction Systems Part 4:
Purity emerges from Impurity
in Practical makes perfect

Video: Windows | Flash  Tenth Hour:

Click below for direct file access:

(Right-click to download and save an hour of video to your system, they are free to use and distribute)

 1 http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/basic-clusters-hour-1.wmv http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/basic-clusters-hour-1.flv
 2 http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/basic-clusters-hour-2.wmv http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/basic-clusters-hour-2.flv
 3 http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/basic-clusters-hour-3.wmv http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/basic-clusters-hour-3.flv
 4 http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/groups-of-clusters-hour-1.wmv http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/groups-of-clusters-hour-1.flv
 5 http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/groups-of-clusters-hour-2.wmv http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/groups-of-clusters-hour-2.flv
 6 http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/replication-hour-1.wmv http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/replication-hour-1.flv
 7 http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/replication-hour-2.wmv http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/replication-hour-2.flv
 8 http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/replication-hour-3.wmv http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/replication-hour-3.flv
 9 http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/replication-hour-4.wmv http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/replication-hour-4.flv
 10 http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/virtual-os.wmv http://ValverdeComputing.Com/video/virtual-os.flv